Accreditation of Courses

The Association of Christian Counsellors seeks to monitor and improve standards of counseling and training of Christian Counsellors. To this end ACC offers recognition or approval to those courses which meet the Association’s criteria for content and presentation.

a. Counsellor training courses:

Levels of training: Courses, which meet the required standards for the core training of counsellors and supervisors, are accredited at the basic level 1 (minimum 50 hrs) or at level 2 (minimum 200 hrs) or at level 3 (minimum 300 hours training with supervised practice).  Level 3 courses will normally be at a standard which could meet criteria for external validation to a diploma level.

Details of what should be included in these time limits are set out in the application form. The material submitted with an application must clearly state the core theoretical counseling model being taught, the basis of Christian faith on which the course is provided and the code of ethics and practice adopted. The later may be that of ACC.

b. Specialist courses:

Special courses suitable for supplementary training in specialist topics (eg marriage, youth counseling, eating disorders, crisis,) are also accredited. These courses should provide participants with an introduction to a specialist area of Christian pastoral care and counselling.

Specialist training courses should clearly state the amount of previous training (either counsellor or specialist) and/or experience required of those accepted for the course. The minimum course length is 10 hrs of trainer/trainee contact.

Pre requisite for Specialist Courses:

A level 1 counsellor training or its equivalent is required for Marriage counsellors and Youth counsellors training while Level 2 counsellor  training is required for specialized course on Supervision.


Who can apply?

Normally the ACC will only give Recognition or Approval to courses owned and /or run by an ACC Accredited member or an ACC affiliated agency, Details of affiliation and accreditation are available at the office.

The individual or agency submitting a course for accreditation  should normally have been in counseling practice and have fulfilled an appropriate period with responsibility in a training environment (minimum of 3 years) and be able to subscribe to the codes of ethics and practice of the ACC (for counseling and for training). It is in the interest of those writing and submitting a course that they be familiar with the latest developments in counseling and adult education.